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An Antagonist from TOS will feature in ST:XII — and it isn't Khan!

News just broke that Khan will not be the villain the next Star Trek film.  But it will feature a character from TOS.  Specifically, one of these five:

  • Harry Mudd, a comical con-man (most famously responsible for Tribble troubles)
  • Trelane, a childish and omnipotent precursor to Q
  • Gary Mitchell, an old friend of Kirk's transformed into a tyrannical godlike entity
  • The Horta, a very un-human acid-spewing alien
  • The Talosians, a race of super-intelligent aliens who can create impenetrable illusions (and the first aliens ever to appear on Star Trek)

So...who would you like to see?

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Yeah, I read this yesterday. Not too sure what to make of it, though it does appear to be legit. I also found this news ...

... which doesn't so much alter anything that was said but expands it with another bit of rumor. Not too sure where they could be going with this, but it does make me wonder regarding the Talosians if they can sense that their timeline has somehow been altered. Harry Mud? It would end up being essentially a con game. Trelane? I hope not, but, again, it could be the sense of an altered timeline unless they're going to just ignore the reset button for the remainder of the franchise. The Horta? Not much there, really. Gary Mitchell is a likelihood, since he was Kirk's buddy. I guess we're still in a wait-and-see mode.
Do you think they should keep bringing up the timeline-switch, or is it better if the characters go on as usual and basically forget about it?
Oh, I think that they should ignore the shift in the timeline BUT my greatest fear is that the writers may feel the pressure to "re-visit" a lot of elements from TOS ... and I don't necessarily think that's a good idea. I mean to say that I really don't want to see "Space Seed" done all over again, but, this time, with greater theatrical flair b/c it's a big screen movie. Then, all we'll be getting is rebooted individual episodes, which I don't think will endear fans of all age groups. Those are stories that have already been told, and I certainly don't think many of them need re-telling. Plus, can you imagine the heated debates?!?!

I think it's going to take a balance that I'm not convinced this current group of movie writers can handle as of yet. Like I've said, I had no major problems with their re-imagining of TREK, but I can certainly understand some folks reservations about it.
I always thought the Gary Mitchell story could be expanded into a great movie, seeing Mitchell's decline into madness and Kirk having to struggle not only against a foe with superior mental powers, but that foe being his best friend whom he might have no choice but to kill. Nice blend of character and action. A movie version would highlight more emotion in that final moment when Kirk pulls the trigger than the original Kirk could show on TV.

Of course, that plot would have carried more weight if Mitchell was introduced in the first movie, but since this altered Kirk joined the Academy later than the original one, Mitchell had already come and gone and they never met.
To me, Harry Mudd and Trelane seem too much like comic relief. I mean, Mudd might be an interesting diversion in a larger story, I suppose. Likewise, the Horta couldn't form the basis of a big motion-picture plot.

Gary Mitchell is an intriguing possibility, but as Mark points out, he wasn't introduced in the they've missed out on a big opportunity there. (Plus, why would Gary encounter the same fate in the new timeline as in the old?)

Personally, I have my fingers crossed for the Talosians. They could be handled in an awesomely creepy way (modern technology could hardly improve on their original appearance) and there are fascinating story possibilities for them. But I'm biased—I'm a bigger fan of The Cage than I am of Star Trek in general.
I can't see Harry Mudd as anything but a comic character.
Except for Gary Mitchell, none of these options intrigue me. They should leave Harry Mudd alone. Like Ricardo Montalban as Kahn (though not as serious), this actor made the role. The same for Trelane, and we already know who and what he is. The same for the Horta -- we already know what it is, and that it is not evil. We already know what the Talosians can do, and it seems that any re-use of them would risk running along the same lines as "Where No Man Has Gone Before". Because the Gary Mitchell story could easily go in different directions, I think it holds the most potential.

Having said all this, I would like to see the new franchise introduce its own new villian. I was not impressed with Nero. He was evil, but not particularly intelligent. I wouldn't mind characters and features from the original series incorporated into future movies, but I'd like to see future movies not dependant on recycled ideas from the original series.

By the way, Harry Mudd actually wasn't in "The Trouble With Tribbles." That was Cyrano Jones, a different character, but certainly a man Harry Mudd would admire.
By Jove, you're right! Harry wasn't behind the Tribbles. I guess I got things a little mixed up there. :p

Similar characters, but Harry came off as more intentionally devious than Cyrano, didn't he?

I would like Gary Mitchell about that. I have reading Star Trek: Mission's End Comics that Capt Kirk and Mitchell are together in NCC-1701 before Mitchell was killed by Kirk in TOS

It all depends on HOW these characters are done.I may be somewhat dense but even I missed the tribble cameo in the last movie the first time I saw it!It was subtle,perhaps TOO subtle.


For example I heard a rumor(I put no stock in it)that Jack Black was maybe going to be Mudd and thought...well,that's a horrible idea.It's not that I dislike Jack Black.He's not my favorite but I don't dislike him.I just don't see a Harry Mudd there.If they work in a kinda joky wink and a nod cameo like they did with Nurse Chapel(who isn't even fully seen in the new movie)then I could buy it.Seeing him hocking wifes or selling Venus drug in one brief scene,I could roll with that.


Trelane?Different story entirely.I don't know who would play him and if he were in the new one he would have to dominate the story.For that matter there's no real reason why we couldn't have Q show up.The Talosians?I just don't see their function since Pike now has a completely different lifepath.The Horta? really buying that either even as a cameo and I don't think they'd be able to hold a larger role.


But Gary Mitchell?Now that has potential.Particularly since it's sort of unofficial canon that he may have introduced Kirk to Carol Marcus.Having him appear may lead to having her appear.Granted this is a new timeline not at all guarranteed to go the same way but there may be certain people just flat out fated to be in Kirk's life.I'd like that but not if Gary takes away from developing the characters we already have in place.That's my major wish for the sequel is more character development!


However all that said I have a little mind movie in my head(I'm sure a lot of fans do)and I think it would be pretty awesome if the new movie opened in media res like a James Bond movie right in the middle of the action.And in this case the action being the Kirk vs. Gorn fight from Arena.Maybe have it end differently to give it that Abrams twist but I'd love to see his take on the Gorn.Once I saw the Delta Vega creatures I thought to myself this guy's GOT to do the Gorn!

Harry mudd was not in the trouble with tribble's it was cyrano jone's
Yes I know.It's just I never saw the tribble in the new Star Trek movie until I bought the DVD.I was in the theatre and totally missed the tribble sitting in the cage even though you clearly see it and hear it purring.Cyrano Jones is a completely different character than Harry Mudd.An awful one in my opinion!Why in the world didn't they just use Harry Mudd again?That character would have served the same function better!Maybe Roger Carmel was unavailable that week.Jones was annoying as HELL!I hope he doesn't show up in the new movie.




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