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How did Rura Pentha (Klingon prison planet) go from Frozen to hot?

I've asked this before and got no response so I'll try once more. In the deleted scenes of the new film, it shows Nero working outside at night (under the stars) with his shirt off. Yet, in the Undiscovered Country it was established that Rura Pentha was a frozen wasteland where prisoners who attempted escape from the underground holding area would freeze solid within seconds. They actually showed the scene where the guy freezes in like 2 seconds. So, why it the Klingon prison planet suddenly Aruba in comparison? How would the timeline affect that?

Also, after 25 years (where none of the Romulans appears to have aged a day) how did they escape? I counted 14 or 15 crew members of the Narada but there are thousands of Klingon guards and a magnetic shield to 'prevent beaming" as stated in UC. Why do the Klingon guards only have stun guns now? What happened to their disruptors? Script-wise it certainly makes it easier for Nero to escape but come on. And after 25 years how would Nero know where his ship was to re-take it? It wouldn't be dismantled by now for the future technology? There are many holes here which is why they probably deleted it.

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It could be that not ALL of Rura Pentha is an iceland, it could have a varied climate like Earth has, perhaps rendered even more extreme by a odd tilt to the planet. Tech wise, the Undiscovered country Rura Penthra took place quite a fair bit after this point in the timeline, the shielding could have been developed or installed well after this initial encounter.
Good point about the later technology. Rura Pentha (according to the Star Trek Encyclopedia) is "a completely frozen, almost uninhabitable planetoid (a small planet). The "Alien's Graveyard" as it was called was so inhospitable that the prison camp needed no guard towers because people would freeze on contact with the surface. This doesn't exactly make a great argument for warmer temperatures on the other side of the planetoid.

and It still doesn't explain how a handful of Romulans could have made the prison break. It's one thing to overcome a guard or two, but there would be hundreds waiting for you outside. Conveniently, these Klingons had no disruptors (they did in Undiscovered Country). How did they get off the planet? No one in orbit would be waiting for them. The Klingon patrol ships would be the only vessels in orbit. Even if Nero stole a Klingon shuttle (or took a klingon pilot prisoner to get them off the rock) they wouldn't have gotten far.
The deleted scenes of Rura Penthe suggest that after 25 years in prison, bad things can happen to inmates, including having their ears bitten off.
Yeah, although I think the movie was fantastic to people who were not aware of Trek I think it sucked for the canon aspect. You can't possibly get to Vulcan from earth in 3 minutes! In every show from the original to the Next Gen it always took days at max warp.
The thing that bothered me was SPOCK mentioned in the movie that the time line was changed from the time that Kirk was born aboard the Kelvin (that's when NERO first shows up). But it still doesn't make sense since Kirk was always known to be born in Iowa (not in space). What was he doing out in space when his mother was due to give birth so soon? Also, why is NERO the only Romulan left in the universe (along with his small crew)? Romulans and Vulcans have had advanced space travel for two thousand years so what about other ships, colonies or settled planetoids? My guess is that Earth alone would have several hundred visiting Vulcans at any one time. What about all the border patrol ships and listening posts and such that would probably include tens of thousands of Romulans?
They changed everything so they could have fun changing things....?
Stupid Hollywood writers. It was made to make money not to show honor to the History...
Rura Penthe is a frozen wastland 100 percent of the time. The Klingon guards would have outnumbered the Romulans on the prison planet 100 to 1. It's almost like JJ didn't give it much thought so thought it best to delete the scenes since there was so much that didn't make sense. Just as you can't leave Alcatraz without a boat You certainly can't a planetoid without a spacecraft. Nero had none. So How did he get off the prison planet? Makes no sense.

And, yes, Delta Vega was listed as a Lithium cracking station where starfleet mined for ore. Kirk said in the 2nd pilot that "even the ore ships only visited once every 20 years." It wasn't a frozen wasteland nor were there any forms of animal life other than the human miners.
You ask about blades on Rura Penthe, Have you ever touched metal in Sub zero temperatures exposed hands are vulnerable if in contact with wet metal. So there is the possibility of Frostbite.
Probably. I just hate bad writing.
You and me both, brother.




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