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If you have the game Star Trek:Legacy and you read the origin of the borg, it said that V'ger is responsible for it creation, which I believe that fault. I think they was build by a very advance race who was stupid enough to add Technology to the mixed and was transform to "THE BORG" so tell me what you think. . . And Join my Crew you have fun.

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In the book "The Return" by Shatner it also reveals that V'ger had something to do with the creation of the Borg. I like that connection. Plus in the book the Borg thought Spock was one of them because Spock had the mind meld with V'ger.
in a interview with Gene Roddenberry he said that the planet Spock saw in the motion picture was the home planet of the borg
now that i think about it that would almost make sense. like when vger was melded with decker it obviosly became something more and maybe some how evolved into the borg with the not so nice intentions of assimilation. vger had the ability to bring people and the borg do too. its a plausible idea but one that would need a 2 part special :) or even a movie!
u do have your facts right. the borg trasformed voyager 6 in vger. so star trek the motion picture was the first time we meet the borg. beforestar trek entersprise found them on earth polor cap in captain archer's time
Actually, that was one of the probes sent up by NASA in the 70's to explore the universe and was used in the motion picture "Star Trek" as a returning sentient mechanical collective of all that it did gather in the universe looking for its creator. A cool way to connect the reality of space efforts of NASA with the Fantasy of Star Trek. Because it did collect, as was suggested by Spock in the movie, ALL knowledge it could find in the universe, then it would be easy to conclude that the borg from the Delta quandrant was either contacted by or initiated by its travels there.
Roenberry's statement about the machine planet and by extenstion V'ger being related to the Borg is on record as being a JOKE. Please could everyone just recognise that fact and focus on what the original species of borg, (Species 00000) was like and what drove them to assimilation to try and gain perfection.

V'ger has nothing to do with the Borg. Gene Rodenberry is stated as JOKING when he said the machine planet was the Borg homeworld. Also one of the aims of the Borg is to become fully machine humanoid, (like Lilla probe in TMP), (See Descent, and some of the Voyager episodes) if they came from a planet of sentient machines why strive to be what they already are?

V'ger didnot beam anyone up from earth, (if it did it would have been in the film). And it BLEW ITSELF UP.

Games and Books are not canon remember that, (the shatner novels especially are just glorified fanfiction).  Leave the origin of the Borg open to mystery otherwise your destroy it as much as Braga did in Voyager.

If you read the Star Trek Destiny books, which were Awesome btw it says that the one member of a race called the Caeliar crash landed on a planet way back in time with a few humans and that was how the Borg were created. If you have any interest in the Borg Or if you just love good Star Trek do yourself a Big favor and read that trilogy.  Some of the Best Trek Ever.

We are Borg, we are becoming the borg right now. Just look ahead in time. With the technology we have now and the detection we are going, we will be the Borg in the next 20 years.

Right now it's just replacement parts, but I could definitely see people in the future swapping out their limbs for cybernetically enhanced models. Just a few weeks ago, there was something in the news about scientists finding ways for nerve endings to interact with tactile sensory information taken in by prosthetic pieces, essentially allowing people to 'feel' things through mechanical fingertips.  The science is in its very early stages at this point, but the possibilities are amazing. (And the articulation in some of the new prosthetic models is astounding!)

I'm not saying we're on the fast track to becoming The Borg anytime soon, but I could definitely see cybernetic enhancements becoming more commonplace as the science progresses. I believe Dr. Kaku had an episode of Sci-Fi Science where he explored the possibilities, and while some of it is definitely outside our current grasp, the modern technology that he based his 'Borg' on was interesting. Definitely worth a watch.

Virus the movie. We are replacement parts.
we are not moving backwards!!!...we are bumbling around in the exact same place as our spear-chucking ancestors!..teeeheeeeheeee!!




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