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Well what makes Star Trek great to you?

For me I believe the vision of growing beyond the petty problems of mankind and growing in the interstellar community is is quite unique. Each series shows a unique look in mankind's growth at certain stages.

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i would love too

All except Spock.  I am sure he got pissed about being teased about denying his half-human side behind closed doors..

I also find it ironic that you'd choose the character that Desilu studios wanted to get rid of first.

could be quite interesting actually with the interesting problems of men kind,,,,, but we all have Petty in the problem including women kind,,,,mad anger upset and many more of these are men or women petty problem;;;;' the most little problems that people can come up with can be petty problem,,,, the more times I wonder why they do this in the first place,,,,

can always be talked out,,,, instead of having these petty problem,,,,,, it's just as of right,,,,, people have to learn to talk the problem out,,,,, instead of getting mad angry or upset about it,,,, which starts off something small,,, always turns out to be something bigger,,, or vice versa,,,,, by talking out most of the problems with still 10 times better than getting mad angry or upset about it,,,,,, petty problems can be solved,,,,,,,

Unfortunately,  a lot of people (like myself) have a difficult time controlling our emotions.  What you say is true, but is easier said than done.

hmm... I think for me it was the intriguing stories and characters (originally of TNG although I was always intrigued by original series too both before and after Next Gen started) that attracted me to the Star Trek universe. It always seemed that each episode of TNG had some kind of twist to get me interested. The Federation was developed enough as a political entity for the behaviour of its members to be relatively predictable (which is not a bad thing -- it's a sign of well-defined characterisation) And because I knew how far the Federation would go to prevent wars, the declaration of war in DS9 was a big deal, and not "just another sci-fi skirmish". I think it is that level of consistency that makes for good storytelling.

Also: I do like the principle of Infinite Diversity -- as someone who has never really fitted into the mainstream of "society", I find it to be a fantastic edict by which to live.



"This Video demontrates just One, of the Many things which makes Star Trek GREAT!!!"   ^_^

I like it all.   I like the technology, the friendly banter and yet still be friends,   the smart-ass attitude of the Captains and their first officers,  the exploration, the science, the history in the show,  the fact that they are something that could be achieved if we could get rid of hatred in our societies, the fun (some episodes were made just to be fun and entertaining over dramatic...DS9's "Trouble and Tribblations" is a good example of a fun episode), the ships (that was until they swtiched to CGI companies...the models had a sense of realism that the computer skimps on and simply cannot replicate, and also the ships were not as streamlined...which made Star Trek different than the other space TV shows), the battles and the tactics.   Above all, I love the Enterprise, Enterprise A, Enterprise D, and Enterprise E (with the D being my favorite).    Well, what's not to love about it (Besides the Crusher family)

it's message of tolerance 

For me it was the family of characters. I liked them as individuals. I wished I could be doing what they were doing. I believed in what they believed in. The interaction between them all was like that of a family. I felt I knew them. I felt they were my friends. I felt I belonged in their group. Watching them comforted me in some really hard times. Most of all I trusted them. I never doubted them. They were reliable, loyal, and always on the side of what is good and right. I was loyal too. Being a part of the Star Trek family made me feel good about myself. I still think the original series embraced, portrayed, and embodied the best of the Star Trek philosophy and catered less to sensationalism, current trending fads, and special effects. Original Star Trek was real to me, but most importantly it was ORIGINAL.  the actors put their hearts into it, all the while being told they were no good and they show was no good, they still gave it their all, and fought to keep it alive. They invented the damn thing.  All others who came later simply rode on their coat tails.

I would have to say that Star Trek was my first introduction to science fiction. When I was a little kid back in the 70s, I had never heard anything about Asimov, Heinlein or Clarke. But when I started watching Star Trek and learn to love this type of storytelling, I decided to seek out more of it in the pages of the books. This was what got me into reading, so without Star Trek, Ivery well could have done nothing but spend my formative years watching TV and pretend to like baseball with all the other brain-dead kids in my neighborhood. Thanks, Gene!

For me, it is Gene Roddenberry's vision of what society can be like in the future.


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