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For fans of TOS and all things 23rd Century. A page dedicated to the Hidden Frontier Productions show: Star Trek:Grissom. Come and meet the crew of the U.S.S. Grissom (NCC-638) before they die in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

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January 8th 2012

Hidden Frontier Productions (U.S.A) and Star Trek Grissom productions (Ireland) are delighted to announce the release of the 3rd episode of their 23rd century adventure -Star Trek: Grissom - ‘The Stars my Destination’. The episode will launch on the Hidden Frontier and Star Trek Grissom websites on January 23rd 2012 and thereafter on iTunes as a podcast.

In this exciting hour long episode the forces of the Tholian assembly have noted the low-level gamma explosion at Mutara, and with their incessant need to acquire new technology, see any Starfleet vessel as a means to information. A Tholian attack leaves Captain J.T. Esteban out of the game, and leads to another crew death. With time running out for Grissom, it is up to Commander Stephanie Ottair to show that she has what it takes to repel rampaging Tholian boarding parties.

Enjoy, and remember, for further details, please visit

March 5th 2011


The live action CGI title sequance for Star Trek: Grissom is now available.

Please follow the links below to see it in all its youtube and Vimeo goodness.







Rick Pike has created the Star Trek Grissom Dedication Plaque.

A lovely piece of work!



Episode 3 recording

Final recording took place on Audio episode 3 'The Stars my destination' along with principal recording on episode 4 'One moment of Humanity' in The Cauldron Studios Dublin, Ireland in June last. The Cauldron is a fabulous studio used by both Irish and International artists including Steve Martin and Nancy Griffith.

You can look forward to more updates on these releases at this page.

Grissom also has a thriving new page on FaceBook, so if you are over there, then please DO visit.

Prose Chapter 8

Prose Chapter 8 of the Star Trek: Grissom series follows on from the last encounter with Cyrano Jones, the tribbles, and the deadly revelation of the shape-shifting Cameloid agent who stalking the crew aboard the U.S.S. Grissom.

This installment has the U.S.S. Grissom back enroute to the Genesis Planet, but are detoured when answering a priority Federation distress signal. Arriving at the Alcyone system, the Grissom finds itself involved with one of the Federation's most feared diseases. As the crew decides the limits of humanitarian assistance and mercy, the fate of an entire world lies in the balance. Join the crew as they wrestle with personal fears, tests of honor, and an exploration of the meaning of mercy and salvation. What are these limits? And how does one know what is the honorable, merciful course of action when all roads seem to lead to disaster on a planetary scale? Do the needs of the many truly outrank the needs of the few?

Written by: Rick Pike & Sean Paul Teeling

Release Date: July 10, 2010

Available at

Prose Chapter 7 Releases March 28th 2010

Star Trek: Grissom to Release Chapter 7 on March 28 Star Trek: Grissom, the acclaimed written and audio program 23rd Century Star Trek fan series, announces the pending release of its latest and most exciting prose adventure yet... Chapter 7: "One Moment of Humanity," written by Sean P. Teeling and plotted by Nick Cook. This written chapter will be released on the Grissom website on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at

Synopsis: Following on from the revelation of the involvement of the Tholians in the previous chapter, this installment has the Romulan Star Empire learning of all the recent activity and mysterious goings on in the Mutara sector. The T'al Shiar employ an elaborate plot, and the services of Star Trek's infamous intergalactic trader, Cyrano Jones, to steal the highly classified "Genesis Project" data from the U.S.S. Grissom. Commander Stephanie Ottair finds herself and her landing party in the middle of the Romulan gambit, while Grissom is menaced by an Orion Privateer. Is everything as it seems, or is it all just part of a greater plot? You' ll also be introduced to the deliciously deadly Klingon femme fatale from Star Trek: III, Lady Valkris, as she becomes entwined in the Grissom's final missions, and ultimately, its fate.

This one has everything... action, danger, intrigue, and, of course, the ongoing development of the Chattman/Aabin relationship. Don't miss it! Chapter 7 (One Moment of Humanity) will be serialized this spring to become Star Trek: Grissom Audio Episode #3, and will feature Star Trek fan series alumni Nick Cook (Star Trek Intrepid, Star Trek Odyssey, Operation Beta Shield) as the irascible Cyrano Jones. Star Trek: Grissom is the acclaimed written and audio program fan series that details the final missions of the ill-fated U.S.S. Grissom, en route to its rendezvous with destiny at the newly formed Genesis Planet in the Mutara Sector. All its chapters, audio episodes, artwork and more can be downloaded from the Grissom website at

Bodo Hartwig has produced this stunning poster for episode 2, which was launched on the 1st February(see below)


Star Trek:Grissom, episode 2

EPISODE 2: 'The Price of Virtue' , an hour of 23rd century adventure, is now on WIDE RELEASE:

Available to download and on iTunes.

Please listen and review at:

Star Trek:Grissom, episode 1

Widely available on iTunes and at is HFP’s Trek into the 23rd Century with Star Trek: Grissom. The 1 hour audio pilot is available now. The show can also be downloaded directly from

Even though we know the outcome, there are lots of twists and turns and good times to be had aboard the ill-fated science vessel! “All Rumours of Wrath Past and to Come” kicks off the audio show as the Grissom is called on a secret mission.

Clive Saunders stars as Captain Esteban along with a host of HFP regulars and a cast of 26 from Ireland, England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, USA and Canada.

Sean Paul Teeling & Rob Caves Produce the beginning of this epic journey.

The episode is being scored, edited and sound designed by Bodo Hartwig who also does sound design and editing for the piece. It will be released in chat on August 3rd and on the web shortly thereafter. Don’t miss out on the Trek to Genesis!

Once again, the episode is available for download for forum members at and on iTunes.

Announcement of Grissom Audio Project : 2009

Hidden Frontier Productions recently welcomed Star Trek: Grissom to their family of shows. The audio drama is HFPs first foray into the classic 23rd Century era of Star Trek. The audio show is based upon the original Grissom prose adventures.

Grissom will be Executive Produced by Dublin based Seán Paul Teeling (also the series creator) from Ireland, and Rob Caves (Star Trek Odyssey, Hidden Frontier, Helena Chronicles) who will also edit the pilot episode. Longtime HF alumni, Bodo Hartwig has created the theme music and will score episodes, while many other HF alumni will participate along with a talented international cast of audio actors . Look for Grissom Forums and a download section on and make sure to visit the main Grissom website at

Grissom is in continuity with live action 23rd Century fan shows, Star Trek: Lexington and Star Trek: Hathaway, and features members of both casts reprising their roles. Lexington's Joseph Bonice and Hathaway's Brad Hathaway also bring their expertise of 23rd century Trek to the show. The Grissom team is very excited to be working with the teams from Lexington, Hathaway and Hidden Frontier.



The year is 2285. Political turmoil and secret military build-ups grip the Alpha Quadrant as rumours of an epic starship battle in the Mutara Nebula, and a secret project gone terribly wrong, reach the troubled citizens of the United Federation of Planets.

In an atmosphere of paranoia and suspicion, the U.S.S. Grissom (NCC-638) is assigned to undertake a mission with galactic consequence and of the utmost secrecy. Under the command of veteran Captain Jonathan T. Esteban, the Grissom will undertake this mission, unaware it will be her last.

Before their fateful rendezvous at the Genesis Planet, we will get to know more about the crew of the ill-fated Grissom and a 23rd century Starfleet in the midst of a galactic crisis. What do Captains J.T. Esteban, Jeffery Pierce, Lawrence Styles and Admiral Alexander McKnight have in common that binds them together on this mission? How have the events on the U.S.S. Enterprise affected a young Lieutenant Saavik as she embarks on her adventure? What incident at Starfleet Medical affected Doctors Vindizhei S’Raazh and Dawn Mathias and gave focus to their careers?

These questions and more will be answered in the ongoing written adventures of the Grissom with 2 special audio adaptations planned for 2009 and 2 more in 2010! Featuring the cast and crew of Star Trek: Grissom in action with the cast and crew of Star Trek: U.S.S. Hathaway and Star Trek: Lexington to bring you a new era in 23rd Century excitement for Star Trek©.
The Human Adventure is Just Beginning...

The First 8 parts of the saga are available to read at the main Grissom web site

Check out our website for more details on our cast, episode releases and more


Audio 1 full cast

The full cast of Audio 1 episode is shown below:

Admiral Harry Morrow portrayed by Andrew Foster
Admiral Alexander McKnight portrayed by Keith Harris
Captain J.T. Esteban portrayed by Clive Saunders
Captain Jeffery Pierce portrayed by Brad Hathaway
Captain Lawrence Styles portrayed by Seán P. Teeling
Commander Solak portrayed by Joshua Williams
Commander Stephanie Ottair portrayed by Jennifer Cole
Commander Vindi S’Raazh portrayed by Dallas Teague Snider
Lt. Cmdr Christopher Chattman portrayed by Nick Beckwith
Lt. Saavik portrayed by Renda Carr
Lt. Lars Thorsen portrayed by Rick Pike
Lt. Paul Hewson portrayed by Michael Hudson
Lt.(jg) Rebecca Sato portrayed by Gráinne Ahern
Lt. (jg) Juan Casas portrayed by Michael Slagenweit‐Coffman
Specialist Aabin portrayed by Benjamin Cavesdale
Rachel Wood portrayed by Hannah Klang
Kara McLoughlin portrayed by Aine Ni Choileain
Computer Voice and Starbase announcer-Heather Ashleigh
Dr. David Marcus portrayed by Adrian Howard Jones
Dr.Michael Liebmann portrayed by M. Liebmann
Dr. Clive Saunders portrayed by Will Dees
Dr. Carol Marcus portrayed by Melissa Wilson
Muggle portrayed by Shadow McNamara Teeling

Guest starring Alex Matthews as Terlis

Full cast biographies available at


Audio 2 full cast

Clive Saunders as Captain Jonathan T. Esteban
Dallas Teague Snider as Dr. Vindi S'Raazh
Jennifer Cole as Commander Stephanie Ottair
Also Starring---

David Roberson as Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Chattman
Grainne Ahern as Lt. Rebecca Sato
Rick Pike as Lt. Lars Thorsen
Michael Slagenweit-Coffman as Lt. Juan Casas
Benjamin Cavesdale as Specialist 2nd Class Aabin
Aine Ni Choileain as Ensign Kara McLoughlin
Hanna Klang as Ensign Rachel Wood
Bodo Hartwig as Ensign Brian Childers
Sean P. Teeling as Nurse Sean Murphy
Will Dees as Dr. Clive Saunders
Michael Liebmann as Dr. Michael Liebmann
Grainne Ahearn as M'Pursong
Andrew Foster as Admiral Harry Morrow

Brad Hathaway as Captain Jeffrey Pierce
Keith Harris as Admiral Alexander McKnight
Renda Carr as Lt. Saavik
Adrian Howard Jones as Dr. David Marcus
Melissa D. Wilson as Dr. Carol Marcus
Glenn Harrison as Ch'ballah
Annelie Green as Rin'tu
Tobey Slagenweit-Coffman as Ch'ai
Ronan Byrne as "The Passenger"
Joshua Williams as Klingon Commander Kuri
David Robertson, Tobey Slagenweit-Coffman as Klingon Warriors
As well as---

Charles Miller as Captain Ri'tarxx
David O'Neil as Klingon General Kaarg

Shadow McNamara Teeling as Muggle the Dog
Spencer the Great as M'Pursong's Cat Voice

Story by Sean P. Teeling and Adrian Howard-Jones
Audio Play by Sean P. Teeling and Bodo Hartwig
Editing, Sound Design, and Music by Bodo Hartwig
Graphics by Bodo Hartwig
Executive Producers: Rob Caves and Sean P. Teeling
A Production of 'Star Trek: Grissom Productions' and 'Hidden Frontier Productions'

Audio 3 full cast


Clive Saunders as Captain J.T. Esteban

Dallas Teague Snider as Dr. Vindi S’Raazh

Jennifer Cole as Commander Stephanie Ottair



David Robertson as Lt.Cmdr. Christopher Chattman

Rick Pike as Lt. Lars Thorsen

Grainne Ahern as Lt. Rebecca Sato

Michael Slagenweit.-Coffman as Lt. Juan Casas

Benjamin Cavesdale as Specialist Aabin

Aine Ni Choileain as Cadet Kara McLaughlin

Hannah Klang as Ensign Rachel Wood

William Raymer as Petty Officer Bacari Jata

Bodo Hartwig as Lt. Brian Childers

Seán Paul Teeling as Nurse Seán Murphy



Andrew Foster as Admiral Harry Morrow



Will Dees as Dr. Clive Saunders

Michael Liebmann as Dr. Michael Liebmann

Dave McEvoy as Dr. David Marcus



Renda Carr as Lt. Saavik


Special Appearances by

Brad Hathaway as Captain Jeffrey Pierce

Esther Gerrard as Ensign Sharon DeLonghi

Rónan Byrne as Cadet Cue

Michael Hudson as Lt. Paul Hewson

Tobey Slagenweit.-Coffman as Reshtarc

David O’Neill as General Kaarg


And introducing

Barbara Puder as Lady Valkris



Annelie Greene as Computer Voice

William Raymer as Klingon Warrior

Shado McNamara Teeling as Muggle the Dog


Grissom Series Teaser

The main theme to Grissom, by the talented Bodo Hartwig, with narration by Andrew Foster



Star Trek Grissom at Star Trek Expanded Universe

There are full and comprehensive entries on all of the Star Trek Grissom characters, episodes and history available on the Star Trek Expanded Universe Wiki


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Started by StarFleet Medical. Last reply by StarFleet Medical Jun 21, 2009.

Titanic in Space, a 23rd Century fable

Started by StarFleet Medical Jun 14, 2009.

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Comment by USS PENDRAGON on January 23, 2012 at 2:04pm

It's out... Episode 3 "The Stars My Destination" is out...


Download it here... Do it now!

Comment by Renda C./ Admiral T'Moya on November 20, 2011 at 3:27pm

Looking forward to hearing the finished product.


Renda Carr

Lieutenant Saavik, ST Grissom

Commander Saavik, ST Lexington

Commander Maura Drake, CMO Project Potemkin

Comment by USS PENDRAGON on November 20, 2011 at 2:12pm

Valiant crew of the Grissom... Almost a year after the planned release, audio episode 3 is on it's way!


'Star Trek Grissom is back!'

Comment by USS PENDRAGON on January 2, 2011 at 9:31am

A message from our glorious leader...


The planned release of Star Trek Grissom 103, will now not take place on Jan 3rd. This is due to both myself and Bodo Hartwig being mega busy in November/December with other Trek (Angeles, Intrepid)  and comic related (The Wren) projects. All projects going extremely well! 

FEAR NOT, the episode will launch February coming.This will allow time for Bodo Hartwig to finish weaving his magic with the wonderful performances of our 26 strong international ensemble cast, and for our public relations guru Rick Pike to get us promoted to the fan community.  Andrew Foster has already laid down the episode art, which you may have seen on the Star Trek Grissom FB page! Do check it out!

Watch the Star Trek Grissom website forums, HFP, Lexington, and Intrepid forums for more details of the release, and continue to check out our pages on Face Book and Trekspace pages where we will post updates also

Seán Paul Teeling
Producer, Star Trek Grissom

Comment by USS PENDRAGON on May 26, 2010 at 12:28pm
Just a note to all our glorious followers.... Prose Part 7 "One Moment of Humanity" is avaliable to download, and Audio Episode 3 is being recorded as we speak somewhere on this very planet.

Good times! ;)
Comment by Rick on February 7, 2010 at 7:39pm
Sorry - i sent out a message but realized I should have typed it in here instead.

A message from Rick to all members of Star Trek: Grissom on TREKSPACE! Hi Grissom folks. Here's my comments on the wonderful Episode 2: The Price of Virtue, that was just released. I thought it was magnificient! I was so impressed with how the written chapter story was turned into a script that was both well-paced, exciting, and entirely believeable. the depth and almost 3-D sound effects and music really ramped up the mental picture I had while listening. Although I have a small part in the series, I will try to be objective. I was most impressed by all of the actors, but several of them were especially appreciated by me this time:

1) Dr. Saunders (Will Dees). His voice, accent and emotion was consistent throughout and always exactly the right level of intensity for each of his scenes. The shuttlecraft scene where he's hitting on all the female Starfleet personnel made me laugh. (Will's a friend, but I truly am being honest on this -- I thought his performance was the standout performance in this episode).

2) Chattman (David Robertson). David Robertson assumed this role and truly ran with it. I thought his performance conveyed all the anguish and confusion that would be expected from someone placed into his position. I liked his moments of frustrations and sputtering anger, too. Real passion and feeling came through.

3) Dr. Liebmann (Michael Liebmann). I've described poor, misunderstood, underappreciated Dr. Liebmann as the "Doctor Smith from Lost-in-Space" of Grissom. He's very smart, but has such an ego and selfishness that he's so enjoyable to follow. Even when shown to be oblivious to harbouring an agent, he turns that around and plays it indignant. The actor brings exactly the right tone that I want to hear to this character. Very enjoyable.

4) M'Pursong (Grainne Ahearn). Ah, the sexy, sultry, deliciously treacherous M'Pursong. Can anyone hear her voice and not envision this feline vixen traitor? (okay, I mixed some metaphors there). But really, she was a joy to listen to in her scenes. Will we see her again? I hope so!

5) Lt. Sato (Grainne Ahearn). Who wouldn't want to work with the efficient, dryly witty, and no-nonsense Lt. Sato. Grainne's performance of her was excellent. Just the right level of efficiency and sarcasm so we appreciated her, and didn't dislike her. It's amazing that the interaction between Grainne and Will when recording was almost 5,000 miles, and done separately. Yet another testament to Bodo's excellent sound auditing skills!

6) Vindi S'raazh (Dallas Teague Snider). I love the Andorian Chief Medical Officer. Although it is sometimes hard to imagine her as a blue-skinned, cool Andorian. She has that honey sweet voice and sense of righteousness in her actions that just makes you wanna walk her dog, or take her laundry to the cleaners (besides being a brilliant physician/researcher).

As I said, I think the entire cast did a really good job, but I wanted to note what I thought were, for me, the most enjoyable characters and performances.

-- Rick Pike
Comment by Realist1953 on February 6, 2010 at 6:10pm
Like Adm. T'Moya, perhaps I am my worst critic. While I thought my performance was good overall, I did hear several times where I was running out of air at the end of a line; also a couple times it (watch punctuation) was. saying. nearly every. word. like a. separate . sentence. It just didn't flow out as evenly as I would have liked - strong start, average finish. We could 'chalk it up to the translator', but I know better. I hope that the next rime will sound better, as another character, since I won't have to talk backwards to make the voice. (wait 'till you hear Ri'tarxx doing Wille Nelson and with his insectoid buddy, Mos-Q as Julio Engiesias (sp?) doing "to all the girls I've loved before"),

I am EXTREMELY pleased with the sound effects and music! Wish I had even half the talent required to come up with such original music! WELL DONE!

And several other people also had their lines down pat, and they flowed like natural language.
Highlights the stood out -
Murphy - very good, natural-sounding.
M’Purrsong - I liked the tongue-roll put into the dialog. I assume that it was “without translator”.

The rest, well done, in-character, smooth.
Comment by Renda C./ Admiral T'Moya on February 3, 2010 at 5:44am
Okay listened to episode 2! And I am not commenting on my attempt for the series since that would seem self-serving or maybe since I am my own worst critic,lol,perhaps self-bruising rotfl.

The Special effects are excellent,music beautiful as always,and I find myself waiting with bated-breath for Muggle ;)

Lt. Saavik,dreaming about her David ;)
Comment by StarFleet Medical on November 1, 2009 at 11:24am
Happy to have you on the team Charlie! Your Ri'tarxx is nifty!
Comment by Realist1953 on October 27, 2009 at 2:24pm
UNHAPPY -- Ri'tarxx is not in Chap 6 --- HOW COULD THIS BE???????
[[ kidding ]]
Oh well - have to settle for a spot in STP2 -- someday [sob sob ] - just helped out on the set again a few weeks ago.

Read the new prose --- really like the addition of the pictures. Adds a lot for those like me without a memorized schematic of the ship. Good Deal !!! And the other pics too!

My THANKS also being allowed a small part in this story.

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