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MAKE IT SO! The continuing adventures of the USS CYGNUS....  For all keen Simmers!  Jump on and join in! 






This is the prime directive.   Before joining in it is best to send a private message to the Captain, discuss your character and position onboard.  Before you send that live post, is it going to ADD to the fun?  Or will it be derogatory, slandering, offensive in anyway?   Let's all play fair and don't stop another player from bringing a thought or scenario into live sim play.   


The GM (Games Master), the Captain of the ship shall be in control of the ship at all times.   If you have a big idea you want to see unfold on the live sim... Private Message the Captain or another person and work out the details first and then and only then the two of you can bring it into the sim.   If a crew member get's out of line and begins to stray or alter the live sim in any way other than where the Captain wants it to go,  THEY ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE PRIME DIRECTIVE!  DO NOT HIJACK THE STORY! BE A TEAM PLAYER!


Many Thanks


Captain Richard Magnusson - Games Master

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-Smiles- it Feels a lot Better than Before i got shot, Thank Doctor -Offers my hand for a hand shake-

Its Good To Finally Meet you,

"Ben, likewise! I wish it had been under better conditions." I shake his hand and also hand him a padd. "Come back in a day to follow up, and during that time take it easy on the arm; no strenuous activity until then. I believe Cmdr Odo has asked for you next."

Understod And So Do i -Smiles Then Takes a Look at the Pad Quickly Before Geting up-

Thank you Doc, that's great news!  When he's up to it I would like to get a head count and find out just who these Romulan are.  You never know, we may have a high ranking officer in one of those holding cells!  Have him get in touch with me when he's fully alert, Odo out.



(As I walk down towards the crew lounge, a thought enters my head...Chuckles.  The doors glide open and the first person I see is Zial...)ZIAL:" I had to have something to do",  (as she finished cleaning a table...the Barman, an older Bolian, just shrugged and smiled...)  K'Hel:"Come Zial, lets talk, barman, twoFabrini Fizz', some yamak sauce and sand peas..."  (the Bolian just smiled)...

(As Admans and myself walk the corridors the station seems to be getting back to the norm despite the excessive damage caused by the fire fights throughout the base.  We search every single room scouring the entire base and we finally get to the makeshift quarters they must have set up for Kirk in Command and Control.

As we walk into the room we can hear somebody singing, taking a shower.  Admans and I look at each other in disbelief). can't way.  Well, lets just sit down and wait to see who comes out.  I must say, this is a little awkward!

(In the crew lounge:K'Hel"Zial, I only wanted you safe, the fire-fights, the barman knew you and I had become 'close', and I was concerned for your safety."  (Zial: reaches across the tables, and slaps K'Hel..."next time, ask first, I obviously cant go back to Starbase 16!!"  K'Hel,(rubs his cheek), "Yes, I've been thinking about that.  I want to check the computer data-base, Starfleet JAG office (Judge Advocate General), if you agree, I want to find a way to keep you onboard Cygnus!!  Zial looked at him..."stay here, with you?"  K'Hel,"as a friend recently pointed out, you are my responsibility...what do you say??"

(As Andrew and I patiently waited we both realized that if this is Jim Kirk, whats the next step?  We heard the shower door open.  Andrew and I both set our phasers to stun just in case it's not Kirk.  The Bedroom door opens)!!!



He stands there looking at us as if he knew we were going to be waiting for him.

Admiral Jarok:  Well, greetings gentlemen, please make yourselves to Kirks humble abode! HAHAHAHA! 


What are you doing here Admiral?  What have you done with James Kirk:



Admiral Jarok:  Your to late Federation!  He's not here!  In fact, he's safely aboard one of our war birds where you will never find him and your waisting your time because I will tell you NOTHING!!!


Yes, that would explain the cloaked Bird of Prey, right?


Admiral Jarok:  Indeed Cmdr Odo!  You are smarter than I gave you credit for, HA HA HA!  Well gentlemen (Holds his hands out)  do your duty Federation, otherwise your waisting my time!


That we will Admiral!  Cygnus...please lock on to these will be transporting Admiral Jarok.  I want him In a high security cell!   Also, that cloaked Bird of Prey that we have been monitoring, let it go and do not fire upon that understood?


Cygnus:  Understood Cmdr Odo...locking on to the Admiral now...(Admiral Jarok dissolves leaving Andrew and myself with nothing left to do but go back to Cygnus).


Well, one good thing Andrew, we have a serum that the Doc conjured up that's going to come in handy as we question our prisoners.  Will see who gets the last laugh!


(A strange voice over the comm system)  This is Salatrel!  I must say, you almost had us.  So close, so very close, but........NOT CLOSE ENOUGH, HA HA HA HA HA!   Perhaps another time Cygnus, HAHAHA!!!



Ben Checks The Prisioner's From Interal Cammra

Well hello their -He Nods to the Guards at Points to a Certain Person

Ben-  I Want to Speak to Him In Private

Guard- Sir?

Ben- He is No Soilder More Like a Ships Capatin Look at the Uniform

(Taps Badge) Sisko to Odo I Have Found Someone Who is Wearing a Captains Uniform and Wearing Rank Symbol ,He Most Likely Got Cocky and Thought He Couldnt be Stoped

Interesting Ben! Keep him under special guard. Admans and I are about to beam aboard. ETA One hour.


Talks to Sgt Hayes

Ben- I Want Him Under Much More Gurad Prortiy One

Hayes- Understood

(After walking Zial to her quarters, I return to mine...).." precedents regarding civilian travel/assignment to a Starfleet vessel.  Protocols to be verified...Med, exams, background/Security check, most importantle, Captains permission!!

(Computer.." will take 5 hours to compile...")




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