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Hello again! 

I've finally gotten some time to myself ^_^

Today has been the first day since my first blog post that i've actually had time to sit down and watch some ST on Netflix. Enterprise is great so far- I love Dr. Phlox.

So, I took my SAT yesterday. Hopefully i got a 1900 on it. I feel it in my bones that i did.

Random thing that i've been thinking about recently: The major solar flare that's coming in 2013. (The flare comes every 11 years) I'm a bit worried about it... With the amount of satellites and whatnot that we have orbiting out there at this point, the solar flare can really devastate our entire planet in terms of electricity and tech in general. A lot of physicists are concerned about it too.. I was just wondering if any of you guys are too, and if you're going as far as to legit' prepare for it (i.e. disaster prep). I'm planning on starting a small garden soon just in case.

To address one of the questions on my initial blog post:

I'm not from Korea or anything, but my grandma's Korean :)

[The dance performance at school turned out well btw] 

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Comment by Captain A. Thompson on March 13, 2012 at 6:42pm

We are preppers. We are ready for most any thing. We have food for a year and all the other stuff we will need. We have radiation detection, gas masks, weapons. A Solar flare can do more the whip out technology. A large enough one can kill  people with radiation or even burn every thing.  An Asteroid or super volcano could happen as well. It funny that even the government is tell people to prepare for a disaster with at list 3 days of food & water and alternate power. We have 3 generators and solar panel with power inverters. My dad always said its better to be ready and nothing happen then some thing happen and you are not prepared. We have even started a group on facebook. 

   Quad City Preppers

Comment by LT Com.Narvina Lynn T'Val on March 13, 2012 at 8:46am

I am not worried about solar flares. It will teach humanity a lesson about depending so much on our newly found digital toys...though we do need them in life...if you own a business of any kind, that can prove to be disastrous ...or if you don't carry cash of any kind ( carry lots of a locked box and start stashing CASH away now ) the digital interruptions is the only thing to worry about aside from radiation poisoning. I would worry more about a Earthquake or any other natural disaster as these may increase due to the lining up of all the planets this year...and then in 2040 we have a asteroid to worry about that's 450 feet long. I say we live it up , treat EVERY day as if it is your last day and help out humanity as much as a person can . We can not worry about tomorrow when today has enough problems of it'[s own to worry about. Oh , and planting a garden....not a bad ideal in today's economy. Just remember to ALWAYS be ready for a disaster. You will sleep better knowing you have stocked up on water, dried meats , can veggies and fruit , trail mix and toilet paper and deodorant. learn to live off the land  where ever you live. Be educated about edible plants and animals in your area, know how to clean   water... and most of all know how to fish and hunt.

Comment by Rob on March 12, 2012 at 2:23pm

What a delightful young Trekkie.  Something tells me 1900 is in your future.

Yes, Solar Flares can cause havoc on satellites and electronics. The Sun is monitored constantly for its various activity, there has been some commotion this year concerning flare activity. But as I stated its heavily monitored so we know when large flares are imminent. So no worries.

As for gardening, I think everyone should be gardening at some extent, its healthy and gives one a sense of accomplishment. Remember food storage and canning are fun also, that's if you growing a lot of veggies or just like fruit. 

As for ST, I as many of us enjoy our free time with Trek, we as fans are fortunate to have variety and I like it all.

I send my best wishes and hope all that you want becomes yours in future. I have no doubt if you persevere.


Comment by Trekscribbler (aka Ed) on March 11, 2012 at 8:52pm

Meh.  Solar flare, schmolar flare.  I say if it's gonna end, then let it all end.

Seriously, I don't think we need to worry all that much about solar flares.  Granted, as Holo-girl has pointed out, they tend to cause most hassles with satellites and their communication with Earth-based stations, but that's about it.  While there has been damage to planetary electronic systems, it's all been manageable b/c we somewhat know what's coming.  Rather than start a garden, I'd bone up on some extra foodstuffs.  Keep yourself plenty to eat on-hand, and make sure that you keep an ample supply of water should your services be interrupted for any prolonged periods.  Exercise caution with how you manage these steps at home, and you'll do just fine.  Also, it never hurts to be in good with your neighbors b/c, should you find yourself in ANY crisis, there's always safety in numbers.

Plus, don't leave out food for zombies.  That's just plain stupid.

Good that the dance went well.  All I know about Korea is that South Korea makes some great films.  I do a lotta DVD reviews online over at and for a few other websites, and I tend to gravitate more toward Korean and Chinese films these days b/c they're making some good stuff.

Good luck on your SAT.

Comment by Holo-Girl on March 11, 2012 at 5:21pm

I'm not really worried about the solar flare. I know solar flares can mess with satellites and other technology, but I don't think the ones in 2013 will be anything more than a mild nuisance for the average person, or mess anything up in a major way - but you never know. Starting a garden might be a good thing to do, doomsday or not - it sounds like fun to me.    

I was wondering about the dance you mentioned in your other blog; I'm glad it went well. If you feel that strongly that you got a score of 1900, then you must have done as well as you hoped. Whatever score you get, I'm sure it will be a good one.  



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